Rules of coexistence:

We want our guests to enjoy their stay and receive the best attention.

For the welfare and comfort of all, we have drawn up the following rules of coexistence.

A copy of these rules has been sent during confirmation, however, the fact that you have confirmed your reservation implies acceptance of these rules.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Maximum capacity of our cabins

Il Belvedere has 20 units and its maximum capacities are:

  • 8 Bungalows: up to 2 adults, 1 child under 12 years old and 1 baby.
  • 2 Park Cabins: 4 adults, 1 child under 12 years old and 1 baby.
  • 6 Forest Cabins: 4 adults, 3 children under 12 years old and 1 baby.
  • 4 Terrace Cabins: 6 adults, 2 children under 12 years old and 1 baby.
  • Infant: 0 to 24 months in crib.

The number of persons accommodated may never exceed the maximum capacity listed above. The number and ages of guests listed on your confirmation voucher cannot be changed without prior notice and authorization from the hotel.

Guests who have not been duly registered are not allowed to stay in the rooms.


You may have up to 2 guests during the day, but they will not be allowed to stay in the rooms after midnight. Your guests are not allowed to use the hotel’s services and common areas except for Food and Beverage services. In all cases, guests and their vehicle must be registered at the front desk for security reasons. Vehicles may not occupy the parking of other guests, check available spaces at the front desk.

In the case of receiving as guests other guests already lodged, the limit of the meeting will be 4 people in the case of the Bungalows and 8 people in the case of the Cabins.


The entrance gate must remain closed. Please register your vehicle(s) at check in and announce yourself each time you check in.

If accompanied by another vehicle, please inform reception.

100% smoke-free environments

In compliance with law 18256, smoking is not permitted in enclosed spaces, common areas or rooms. The above applies to all types of cigars, electronic cigars, pipes, vapers, etc.

Your room

It is not permitted to add equipment or appliances not provided by the hotel to the rooms. The distribution of the furniture must be respected; it is not possible to move beds or mattresses.


No pets are allowed.


The service is offered daily at times that can be previously coordinated, the service will be available until 4:00 pm. Behind the door you will find hangers to be placed outside indicating that you want the service (Green) or that you do not want it to be entered (Red). However, for security, cleaning or maintenance reasons, the hotel may decide to enter the cabin. If you wish, you may request that the service not be performed on a certain day, the following day it will not be possible to opt for the service to be performed.

Overnight rest

Please respect your neighbors’ rest, avoiding loud voices or music and noisy gatherings. After 11:00 p.m., silence must be absolute.

Your children are welcome, living in harmony with the rest of the guests.

Please be aware of the safety rules in the playroom, gymnasium, bicycles and swimming pools.

Avoid games and races in restaurants, stairs, elevators, etc. Avoid noise near the cabins during rest hours. Children should always be supervised by adults, especially in the pool area.


This is a service that the hotel offers free of charge. It is assigned per cabin. Please respect the space provided for your vehicle.

The Bungalows have parking for 1 vehicle and the cabins for 2 (one of them can be in the reception parking lot).

Valuable and/or Fragile Objects

Please be careful with your valuables (cell phones, tablets, cameras, laptops, etc.), they must be put away before the housekeeping service. We are not responsible for falls, breakage or loss of the same during the service of the cabins.


The hotel is not responsible for loss, theft or robbery of money, jewelry or valuables that have not been declared at the front desk and are in the room.

You may request, if you wish, that they be kept in the reception safe (subject to acceptance by the hotel).

Check out, keys

You will be given up to 2 keys at check in, which we request to be returned at check out.

The guarantee data will be deleted from our records after check out, after verifying the cabin and receiving the keys. The hotel is not responsible for objects left by guests, but will do its best to keep what is found and contact the owners. In any case the objects will be kept for 30 days and then discarded.

Hosting contract

The same may be automatically terminated in the event of non-compliance with any of the rules listed above, this does not exempt the guest from the agreed payment or reimbursement of expenses for lodging or extras (Law 14,106, Art. 307, Section E).

The hotel may change its rules without prior notice, please check periodically for changes.

Thank you very much for trusting us.

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